We have to save our children!!!
To: The Head of the Department of Education of Moscow
Kezina. L.P.
From: The parents of the pupils of the 5th and 6th
classes of School No. 953 in Moscow
March 30, 2005
Dear Lyubov Petrovna!
During the current school year, the parents of this
school were highly surprised to find that, after the
lessons and activities organized by a group of
“psychologists”, the health of their children had
deteriorated seriously. The symptoms were worrisome:
the children, until then happy and social, became
secretive and preferred to remain silent when asked
about the character of the tests they had been
subjected to. Those who did try to remember something,
clearly suffered from memory loss, something they had
never complained of earlier. It seemed as if someone
had deleted information from their memory. Immediately
following the lessons, many children suddenly felt
worse physically: they complained of a headache or
stomach pain, they quickly became tired and were
sleepy. All this has been described vividly in the
parents’ reports.
Therefore we want to inform you, that a state school
has, in fact, been turned into a testing ground for
experiments on children, which are carried out by
psychologists (either or not belonging to the staff),
the majority of which are working at the section
‘Noosphere Knowledge and Technology’ of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), the Institute of
Wholedynamics (which some call a sect) and the
International Centre of Cosmic Intelligence (ICCI).
We will point to the most important facts, which have
been recorded in the past few days:
1. The contents of the education have been changed,
the learning process has been distorted.
Instead of the basic content of education are being
taught something else, but what is totally unclear.
There have been cases, when a history or mathematics
lesson was replaced by a "health lesson". Regularly,
children have been taken away from their lessons for
experiments in the cabinet of the “psychologists”.
2. Experiments on children take place without the
knowledge of their parents.
Lessons in Russian language, geography, English and
history have been conducted on the basis of the
Maslova method. Materials from the series
‘bio-adequate text-books’ have been used: S. Blashov &
N. Maslova: ‘Russian language’; N. Maslova: “The tree
of English Grammar”.
2.1. Psychologist L.V. Mazurina conducted a lesson of
"geography". During one lesson, an aromatised, lit
candle was first placed on a table, then the
childrens’ hands were sprinkled with coconut butter
and the children placed behind their desks, before the
teacher started the lesson. First, he talked about
planets or volcanoes (depending of the theme of the
lesson), after that there was a relaxation: nice music
was switched on and the psychologist told the children
to relax, close their eyes, feel, how their bodies
were being filled with heaviness. Right there, behind
their desks, the children were falling asleep. While
they were relaxing, they were told how some wizard had
made planets from dust and gases. This was followed by
the process of returning the children to reality. On
the words “You feel comfortable now, you return into
the class”, the children opened their eyes. Then they
were offered to draw what they had seen in their
sleep. The drawings were taken away from them.
2.2. On Wednesdays, another psychologists (his name
and surname still have to be established) gave a
“Russian language” lesson in the psychology cabinet,
with a group of 12-13 children with more prosperous
backgrounds. According to the children, melodic music
was switched on and the children were suggested to
close their eyes, relax, forget about everyday
problems and, while trying to picture some sort of
gate, use it to enter “the land of the Russian
language”... This lesson took 1-1½ hours. After such
lessons, the children felt very tired and hurried
home. Once, during one of these lessons, some children
woke up with difficulty.
2.3. We would like to stress, that the Russian
language and geography lessons were given with the use
of educative meditation.
2.4. On March 18, 2005, the school administration
replaced the mathematics with a “health lesson”, which
was given by B.A. Astafyev. The children interrupted
the lesson, upon which Astafyev shouted at them,
because they did not want to listen. When he looked at
somebody, a child would become sleepy. Several times,
he hit Andrei Barannikov, who refused to look at him,
on the head, and once he hit him in the neck. After
this “lesson” 7 children complained of a headache, one
of pain in the stomach.
2.5. We would like to stress, that the
“psychologists”, when conducting their experiments,
preferred to talk with children from the most
prosperous backgrounds and avoided talking to those
who really needed help.
3. The events of March 16 as a clear example of the
activities of the psychologists”. On March 16, 2005,
in the psychologist’s cabinet, yet another experiment
was conducted on the children. During the experiment,
children were lying on the floor, some were sitting on
chairs: they were asleep, and the colour of their face
had changed: they were white like snow. The eyes of
the children were closed, and the “psychologist” made
movements above their heads. During the session the
“psychologist” said something to the children while
melodic music was playing. Later this “psychologist”
told the teacher of the class, that the children had
composed good poems, but they don’t remember that
4. The activities of the ‘Noosphere Knowledge and
Technology’ section of the Russian Academy of Natural
Sciences (RANS), the Institute of Wholedynamics and
the International Centre of Cosmic Intelligence
(ICCI), under the guise of the psychologists’ cabinet
in the school. The International Centre of Cosmic
Intelligence is well-known as a destructive, occultist
organisation. The director of the school, N.A. Orlova,
is a member of this organisation, as she has told the
parents more than once. She has also told about her
visits abroad of seminars, organised by this sect.
The cabinet of the “psychologists” consists of 4 small
rooms and a small waiting room. On the wall are
diplomas which Doctor of Psychology N.V. Maslova has
received from various organisations, including the
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, for her large
contribution to its work. There is also a stand with
books on view, most of which have been written by
Ye.N. and L.A. Vselensky and N.V. Maslova. From some
books there are several copies. Apparently, the
school’s premises serve as a permanent bureau for
employees of the aforementioned organisations. The
time-table in the cabinet of the “psychologists”
contains the following names: B.A. Astafyev, N.V.
Antonenko, N.V. Maslova, L.V. Mazurina, N.A. Morozova,
L.K. Rybalchenko, Ye.A. Sarkisyan, L.Yu. Timochkina,
M.V. Ulyanova (most of these people are also mentioned
in the list of members of the ‘Noosphere Knowledge and
Technology’ section of the Russian Academy of Natural
Sciences, which is published on its website). Almost
daily, the employees of the ICCI and the ‘Noosphere
Knowledge and Technology’ section of the RANS have
been receiving visitors in their cabionet until late
in the evening. From one of these “psychologists”, one
of the teachers received at school a recently
published book by mister Vselensky, ‘Cosmic matrixes’.
Vselensky (who’s real name is Pechatkin) is the leader
of the aforementioned organization ICCI. We have
found, that Vselensky has personally delivered the
book to the school. How is it possible that he was
allowed to enter the school’s territory, when we, the
parents, are not allowed to go there?
5. Violation of the rights of school children, parents
and school teachers.
In the school, one of the basic principles of the ‘Act
on the service of practical psychology’ of the Health
Department of the City of Moscow is being violated.
Paragraph 1.5. reads as follows: “The activities of
the Service are carried out in cooperation with the
administration, the teachers and other employees of
the educational institutes, with representatives of
all subjects, that are involved in ensuring the
development, upbringing, education, socialisation and
health of minors. Cooperation with specialists is
carried out on the basis of the principles of
cooperation and complementation. The activities of the
Service are carried out in close contact with the
parents (the lawful representatives) of the children,
who study and receive their education in a given
educational institute. Organisation of any type of
work without the consent of the parents (the lawful
representatives) is not allowed.”
“Psychologist” N.V. Antonenko has conducted so-called
“video-computer diagnostics” of the pupils and has
tested them by using forms. As a result of this
diagnostic progamme, two portraits of each child have
been obtained. The sense and the meaning of these
questions are not even clear to us, the parents. The
parents have not been informed about these
“video-computer diagnostics”, and not only that: the
so-called “psychologists” did not allow the children
to tell their parents about the experiments that have
been conducted on them. Some parents have found that
this diagnostic programme has left the children with
deep psychological traumas. On March, 21 one of the
children was diagnosed in the cabinet of the
“psychologists”. His hand was inspected with the help
of a, to us, unknown device.
We demand that this situation be investigated. Those
who are guilty should be punished severely. We also
consider it necessary to urgently work out a special
programme for the rehabilitation of our children,
whose vulnerable souls have suffered from the
interference of these pseudo-psychologists.
The parents of the pupils of School No. 953

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